Ukraine looking to replace L-39 with Super Tucano trainer

Повітряні Сили пояснили для чого їм Super Tucano

The Air Force Command of Ukrainian Armed Forces has confirmed that the country is reviewing the future of its combat and training aircraft, a role currently filled by L-39 Albatros.

On Agust. 14, service reported that Air Forces officials are considering reducing the number of ageing L-39 aircraft and replacing them with Brazilian EMB-314 Super Tucano turboprop trainer aircraft.

The Super Tucano aircraft was considered during a visit of the delegation of the Ukrainian Air Force to Brazil in 2019, as a combat training aircraft, which, according to its characteristics, can replace the so-called “school desk” for military aviators, the combat training aircraft L-39
– noted in the press service of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Aero L-39 Albatros is a jet trainer developed in Czechoslovakia by Aero Vodochody. It was designed during the 1960s as a replacement for the Aero L-29 Delfín as a principal training aircraft. It was the first trainer aircraft to be equipped with a turbofan powerplant. The type was exported to a wide range of countries as a military trainer.

Sources: Defence Blog