Airframe of the first An-178 for Ukraine's Air Forc is 80% ready

Планер першого Ан-178 для ЗСУ готовий на 80%

The Antonov State Enterprise is currently assembling an airframe for the first out of three An-178 aircraft ordered by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Experts estimate its readiness at 80%.

Antonov employees continue building aircraft for Ukraine's military. Assembly of the airframe of the first aircraft is at its crucial stage.

Thus, wing butting with its mechanization is completed - slats and flaps, was completed, and a keel was installed. A stabilizer is planned to be installed next week. Inside the aircraft, the installation of electrical elements and on-board electronic equipment is underway.

At the same time, Antonov's workshops are assembling the ramp and sash of the cargo hatch, manufacturing parts and units of the steering system, hydraulic system, chassis, etc. Working in a tight schedule, aircraft builders strive to complete construction in the first quarter of 2022.

The work with the fuselage for the second An-178 for this order is also underway. Afterbody section and power flow module have already been installed in the final assembly holding frame. Installation of panels of the middle module is also in progress, as well as manufacturing of the centre-section and the forebody.

"Today I visited the enterprise to make sure that the construction of our aircraft for the Armed Forces of Ukraine proceed according to schedule. The fuselage of the second transport An-178 under the contract with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine will be ready by the end of this year," the head of Ukroboronprom Yuriy Husyev said.

As it was reported earlier that these aircraft will not have any elements manufactured in the Russian Federation and are an example of effective import substitution.

Sources: Ukroboronprom