MFA: EU’s military training mission may appear in Ukraine

Комітет рекомендував Верховній Раді відхилити законопроєкт про територіальну оборону

Ukraine and the European Union discuss various options for further cooperation, including the launch of the EU military training mission in Ukraine.

As Oleg Nikolenko, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, said in a comment to Ukrinform, Ukraine and the European Union maintained a regular dialogue in the context of the EU's Common Security and Defense Policy.

Nikolenko noted the European Union Advisory Mission for Civilian Security Sector Reform in Ukraine (EUAM) had been launched in Ukraine in December 2014 within the framework of this policy.

“Ukrainian and European sides are currently discussing various modalities of further cooperation. One of the possible options is to launch a European Union military training mission in Ukraine,” Nikolenko said.

According to him, such a mission could cover areas not currently within EUAM scope, primarily the educational sector, professional advancement of Ukrainian service members. Discussion is ongoing.

The Ministry believes that the launch of the military training mission is in the strategic interests of both Ukraine and the EU.

As reported, on September 3, European Council President Charles Michel said 2022 should be the year of European defense.