BAE Systems submitted a bid to deliver a new fleet of 210 CV90 IFV to Czechia

BAE Systems submitted a bid to deliver a new fleet of 210 CV90 IFV to Czechia

On Sept. 1, BAE Systems submitted a bid, in partnership with state-owned defense integrator VOP CZ s.p., to the Czech Republic to deliver a new fleet of 210 CV90 vehicles in seven variants within the Czech MoD’s budget.

BAE Systems’ bid to replace the Czech Army’s legacy BVP-II vehicles is fully compliant with all key requirements set out by the Czech MoD and Czech Army, reported by BAE Systems.

“Our CV90 MkIV offer to the Czech Republic meets all the key requirements of the competition as clearly defined by the Czech MoD. We can commit to deliver the number of vehicles, to cost and on schedule,” said Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, managing director of BAE Systems Hägglunds. “BAE Systems’ offer also exceeds the industrial cooperation requirements called for by the Czech Army. We want Czech industry to play a high-value and strategic role in the development and production of its nation’s new vehicle and all its variants to secure sovereignty for decades to come.”

The Czech CV90 MkIV vehicles would be delivered as a Czech defense industry project, inspired by the Czech innovation strategy. VOP CZ s.p., the main partner on the bid, is joined by other Czech industry companies including MEOPTA, VR Group, VTU and Ray Service, and an additional 30+ Czech defense companies and Czech academia.

BAE Systems has delivered close to 1,300 vehicles in 15 variants to seven European countries, including four NATO members.