Ukrainian Army tests a moving water treatment station

ЗСУ випробовують рухому станцію очищення води

Ukraine's military in field conditions test the experimental sample of a moving water purification station "Dzherelo-2000", which is intended to provide units with drinking water.

Determining departmental tests are carried out by the State Research Institute of Test and Certification of Arms and Military Appliances, reports the site of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Testing the station in conditions that are as close as possible to those in which military units are. Water suitable for drinking is obtained by purification of contaminants with chemical reagents and filters. At the second stage, laboratory checks are planned.

As a result of the tests, a decision is made to allow the power to exploitation in Ukrainian Army.

And neither the manufacturer of the station, and no characteristics, are reported.

ЗСУ випробовують рухому станцію очищення води

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