The Dozor-B burned randomly in the tests in Kharkiv

The Dozor-B burned randomly in the tests in Kharkiv

On September 7, on the territory of the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (KMBD) during the verification of the work of the fire system was burned by armored vehicle "Dozor-B".

This is reported by Defense Express.

According to preliminary information, it is about a car that was preparing for qualification tests and previously participated in trials in conjunction with his Polish version of "Oncilla" 4x4. After passing the relevant tests, it has little to start the serial production of armored vehicles "Dozor-B" for the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the capacities KMBD and Lviv Armored Plant.

According to the publication, the KMBD wanted to check the work of the Fire System "Dozor-B". They did this by burning the smoke checkers, which was placed in the bucket inside the armored vehicle, after which the door has been locked.

A bucket that turned out to be oiled out. Inside the experimental sample, there was a fire. To extinguish it, opened the door, but after this fire became even stronger. Attempts to repay a fire with acid fire extinguishers did not have success. Then a 100-liter powder extinguisher was tucked. Almost all of his capacity was filled inside the car. This extinguishing method has sufficiently critical consequences for wiring electronics in the internal equipment of armored vehicles.

Now on KMBD evaluate the scale of losses. If it turns out that the imported materials of imported production will significantly affect the beginning of the terms of qualification tests of the final sample "Dozor-B". And so, and significantly postpones a decision on the purchase of these serial production machines for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As already reported by Ukrainian Military Pages, 24 Polish armored vehicles "Oncilla" (light armored personnel carriers) were purchased. The machines, costing the armies of 8.3 million UAH, are a licensed version of "Dozor-B" from KMBD.

The armored vehicles are supplied by the Polish company Mista through the Scientific-Production Company "VK System", which carries out their collection of machines on the territory of Ukraine.


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