The Lviv Armored Plant handed over tanks and infantry fighting vehicles to the Ukrainian Army

Львівський завод передав ЗСУ партію танків Т-64 та БМП-1

The Lviv Armored Plant State Enterprise handed over a batch of modernized T-64 tanks and BMP-1 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The military received five tanks and seven infantry fighting vehicles.

"At the end of this year, Lviv Armored Plant has timely and efficiently performed the contracts with Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense," director of the plant Viktor Androschuk said. “We hope that the 2022 state order will be adopted in time, and we will be able to undertake implementing new contracts. This is necessary for the further restoration of armored vehicles of the Ukrainian military and smooth operation of our plant."

Львівський завод передав ЗСУ партію танків Т-64 та БМП-1

Employees of the plant began working on the BMP-1 batch early in November. They updated the technology and introduced significant changes in design. The modernized armored vehicles are equipped with modern aiming sights, night vision devices with improved characteristics, new digital radio stations, satellite navigation systems and lighting devices, pixel coating, etc.

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