The U.S. State Department does not know whether the transfer of the Stingers to Ukraine will be allowed

Держдеп не знає чи дозволять передачу «Стінгерів» Україні

Is the United States ready to agree to delivery of Stinger missiles to Ukraine, presumably not its own because of technology issues, but through a third country like Estonia, for example?

Bloomberg journalist Nick Wadhams asked senior US State Department officials at a teleconference briefing.

"I don’t really have a specific response to that question. I know that the issue of Stingers has been floated around, but I don’t really have a specific response to that particular question. Sorry", a Senior State Department Official answered the question about the permission to supply Stingers to Ukrainе.

Recall that in November 2021, the American channel CNN reported, citing sources in the US President Biden's administration, that an additional package of American military-technical assistance to Ukraine could include Javelin anti-tank missiles, mortars and portable anti-aircraft missile systems (MANPADS) of the Stinger type.

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