Combined Resolve: The command of the training was highly appreciated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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The Combined Resolve X multinational military exercises were finished at the 7th Army Training Command’s JMRC.

The Ukrainian joint unit during the active phase carried many kilometers of marches, attacked enemy forces on the run, organized ambushes for enemy convoys, conducted tank battles, defending strategic heights and settlements, and also conducted a raid on the enemy's rear.

The command of the training was highly appreciated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the forces of OPFOR were glad that our guys are playing on their side.

– We were very impressed by both Ukrainian units - the tank platoon and the company of the 79th airborne assault brigade. They were incredible. We have seen other tactics and approaches that are different from how the US Army is using. We have seen a lot of positive in their actions. It was a great job. I think they do not know how to say no, or how not to complete the task. Whatever mission we would have given them - they did. They were fantastic. Great partners in these exercises, – said Lieutenant Colonel Michael Condon, commander of the OPFOR battalion.

On the last day of the active phase, Ukrainian tank crews played a scenario of keeping under the control of longitude in cooperation with the Blackfoot mechanized company of the US Army. OPFOR collided with a joint battalion of Americans and Poles on Abrams tanks, Rosomak and Bradley armored vehicles.

- The first fight was at six in the morning. We ambushed four Rosomak and three Bradley and retreated. Then a battle began with the main forces where we picked up 10 Abrams and several armored vehicles, - said the commander of the consolidated tank division Captain Roman Bagayev.

Ukrainian Military Pages

The professional and intensive actions of 14 OMBR tank crews were noticed by Major Edward Clark, Chief of Staff of the OPFOR battalion. – At the end of the exercises, Ukrainian tank crews impressed everyone with their ability to quickly get out of the shelter, make some close shots, and go back again, –said Major Edward Clark.

The main aim of Combined Resolve is to develop cooperation and interoperability between NATO members and partners. Servicemen from different countries have the opportunity not only to exchange experience in the course of joint training, but also to develop a true army brotherhood.

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