Results of the Ukrainian Army Tank Challenge

Найкращий танковий взвод ЗСУ

Results of the competition "The best tank platoon of the Armed Forces of Ukraine". The winner will take part in the fourth Strong Europe Tank Challenge at Grafenwoehr Training Area.

Results of the competition The best tank platoon of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

All teams took part in competitions:

  • 17th Tank Brigade, Dnipro
  • 24th Mechanized Brigade, Yavoriv
  • 30th Mechanized Brigade, Novohrad-Volynskyi
  • 57th Infantry Brigade, Nova Kakhovka
  • 25th Airborne Brigade, Hvardiiske
  • 95th Air Assault Brigade, Zhytomyr
  • 36th Naval Infantry Brigade, Mykolaiv
  • 9th Operational Regiment of National Guard, Zaporizhia

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