BARS-8AR artillery reconnaissance vehicle

BARS-8AR Vehicle of Artillery Reconnaissance

Ukroboronservice SE demonstrated the BARS-8AR armored vehicle of artillery reconnaissance at the XV international specialized exhibition "Arms and Security 2018".

BARS-8AR artillery reconnaissance vehicle is designed for surface targets acquisition, information processing, short time coordinate data transmission to the artillery units at any weather conditions, during the daytime and night.

This veicle was first introduced at the last year's exhibition "Arms and Security 2017" along with the combat machine of the 120-mm automated mobile mortar complex UKR-MMС, which was also performed on the basis of the armored car Bars-8.

Машина артилерійської розвідки БАРС-8АР

The Bars-8AR's reconnaissance system consists of:

  • optoelectronic system that combines forward observer system optical instrument and integrated laser rnge finder with ability to transmit target coordinates through digital channels
  • unmanned aerial reconnaissance system.

BARS-8AR Vehicle of Artillery Reconnaissance BARS-8AR Vehicle of Artillery Reconnaissance BARS-8AR Vehicle of Artillery Reconnaissance BARS-8AR Vehicle of Artillery Reconnaissance

Base chassis – Bars-8 Multi-Purpose Armoured Vehicle 4х4 (Dodge Ram chassis)
Armor defence – 360˚ STANAG 4569 Lev 2 (7.62×39mm API BZ at 30 meters with 695 m/s)
Combat weight – 9.5 t
Crew – 5
Engine – 6.7l Cummins V8 turbo diesel, 370 hp
Maximum speed – 110 km/h
Cruising ranfe – 1000 km
Wheelbase – 3674 мм
Clearence – 280 mm

12.7 mm machine gun

Reconnaissance means and program controler:
Leleka unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Reconnaissance range is up tu 10 km
Optical reconnaissance device, LPR-1 upgrded reconnaissance laser device – 7 km
Sound shots detection complex
UKROP-A combat information computerized system
Protected sensor display of Commaner (of reconnaissance vehicle)
Explorer's automated workplace (plotting board)

Communication means:
R-030M HF radio
Motorola VHF radio
Antenna system with two antennas

Demonstration of the operation of the reconnaissance vehicle and the 120-mm self-propelled mortar of the automated mortar complex UKR-MMС at the exhibition "Arms and Security 2017" in Kyiv:

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