ASW RadioHydroAcoustic System "Yatran"

Yatran ASW RadioHydroAcoustic System

Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Hydrodevices SE presented ASW radiohydroacoustic system "Yatran" at the XV international specialized exhibition "Arms and Security 2018".

Passive non-directional sonobuoy designed for detection underwater moving objects using aviation radiohydroacoustic system ASW.

Successful factory tests of the Yatran system took place during the international exercises Sea Breeze 2018 in the Black Sea, in conditions that are as close as possible to combat.

Technical characteristics
Sonar operating frequency – 2-5000 Hz
Submergence depth of the transducer – 20, 150, 300 m
Data transmitter carrier frequency range – 170-173,45 MHz
Number of radio channels in set – 24
Data transmitter power – 1.0 W, min
Radio communacation distance – 40 km
Maximum frequency modulation – 85 %
Time required for activation after splashdown – 25 sec
Working in "Retranslation" mode – 4 hrs
Time of self-distraction – 8 hrs 20 min
Overal dimentions (diameter, lengts) – ∅ 120 mm, 1000 mm
Mass – 9 ∓ 0,5 kg
Carrier – helicopter, aircraft, ship

радіогідроакустична система Ятрань RGB-16V sonobuoy. Photo: Ukraian Military Pages

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