Spetstechnoexport showcases the missile systems "Neptun" and "Vilkha" to the international market

Spetstechnoexport showcases the missile systems Neptun and Vilkha to the international market

Spetstechnoexport Company presented for the first time the new models of the cruise anti-ship missile system "Neptun" and high-precision multiple rocket launching system "Vilkha" at the international Defense exhibition IDEX-2019 in the UAE.

The combat units for both systems were developed and produced by the State Kyiv Design Bureau "Luch". Both systems uses mobile KrAZ-7634 chassis.

27 tonne cab chassis truck is used for conversion to vehicle equipped with heavy special equipment. It is provided with powerful engine rated at 460hp and automatic transmission with maximum torque rated at 2500 N/m. Such a combination of engine and transmission with through-type powertrain help achieve excellent performance.

Комплекс ПКР «Нептун» і РСЗВ «Вільха» на IDEX-2019 Комплекс ПКР «Нептун» і РСЗВ «Вільха» на IDEX-2019

One of four “Neptun” cruise anti-ship missile is capable of striking warships with up to 5000 tons of water displacement at a distance of up to 280 km (the export version). The system consists of four anti-ship missiles, their launchers and a land mobile platform. The weight of each missile is 670 kg, and its fragmentation-explosive warheads weights 145 kg.

РСЗВ «Вільха» на IDEX-2019

The new Ukrainian high precision multiple rocket launching system "Vilkha" with 300 mm caliber missiles is considered to be one of the most powerful in the world in its class. The system is intended for the purpose of defeating the targets of any type on the distant approaches.

РСЗВ «Вільха» на IDEX-2019

The system is capable of launching 12 missiles in just 45 seconds on a distance of up to 120 km. In such a distance, the missiles hit the target with a circular error probable less then 30 meters. At the same time, the mass of one 300 mm missile "Vilkha" is 800 kg.

РСЗВ «Вільха» на IDEX-2019

A number of the Middle East countries have been already interested in both systems for a long time. Conducting successful firing trials of "Neptun” and "Vilkha" missiles in 2018 created the preconditions for reaching specific agreements with potential foreign customers.

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