Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Another Ukrainian brigade is preparing under Op Orbital

Another Ukrainian brigade is preparing under Op Orbital

A group of British and Danish instructors have started training for Ukrainian soldiers of a infantry brigade within operation “Orbital” training mission at one of the training sites in Mykolaiv region.

The main purpose of these courses is to prepare Ukrainian military to conduct combat operations under different conditions and to bring our units in line with the standards of the NATO member states. The training will be conducted for NCOs and platoon commanders, senior NCO training, training of unit commanders, basic infantry training, recce unit commanders training, counter-sniper activities, advanced tactical medicine course and general staff planning course.

Operation Orbital has been taking place since 2015 within the framework of cooperation between the defense departments of Ukraine and the United Kingdom. Almost 10,000 military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have passed through the training mission. About 100 UK instructors are currently in Ukraine. British Army instructors, most of whom have extensive experience in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, train Ukrainian Armed Forces to act in defense in accordance with current NATO standards.