Ukraine unveils new RAM loitering munition

Ukraine unveils new RAM loitering munition

Ukraine has unveiled a new lightweight catapult-launched loitering weapon system, dubbed RAM.

This was reported by Jane's Missiles & Rockets.

Developed by Ukrainian company CDET, RAM was jointly showcased by Ukraine's Spetstekhnoexport and the UAE's International Golden Group at the recent UMEX 2020 show held in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), on 23-25 February.

Designed for both attack and reconnaissance missions, the munition can be equipped with three modular variable weight (2 to 4 kg) warheads: a high-explosive fragmentation warhead with 150 submunitions (designed for engaging infantry in the open, and soft-skin vehicles in a 45 m² radius); a thermobaric explosive device (intended for destruction of field installations in a 15 m² radius); and a high-explosive anti-tank warhead with an armour-piercing capability of 40 mm.

CDET claims that the RAM can be employed in an urban environment with "the lowest collateral damage possible". A representative of Spetstekhnoexport told Jane's that the RAM has a circular error probable of no more than 1 m, and can engage moving targets.

Ukraine unveils new RAM loitering munition

Powered by an electric engine with a low acoustic signature, the RAM loitering munition has a launch weight of between 8-10 kg, a wingspan of 230 cm, a maximum operational range of 30 km, and a top speed of 50 kph. The munition has a loitering duration of 30 minutes with a 4 kg warhead, 60 minutes with a 2.5 kg warhead, and 150 minutes in a reconnaissance configuration.

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