Analysis of the development directions of NATO radio communications systems

V. Dumitrash, O. Bondarenko, O. Dumitrash, A. Getman
Аналіз напрямків розвитку систем радіозв'язку НАТО

It is known that the modern principles of organization of communications and the technical characteristics of radio communications of the communications units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not fully satisfy the needs of command and control in modern combat.

The main disadvantages of the existing radio communication system are: insufficient mobility of communication centers of control centers; failure to comply with requirements for connectivity, performance, reliability, intelligence; insufficient automation of the processes of establishing, maintaining and supporting radio communications and the like.

Recently, the United States has been intensively developing a single multifunctional information-control system that integrates the command and control of troops, weapons, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, as well as communications, navigation, orientation and identification (C4ISR). This system is funded by the Battle Field Information Network (WIN-T) program. Its goal is to reduce the combat and numerical strength of units with a simultaneous increase in its combat effectiveness by increasing mobility, achieving absolute superiority over the enemy in information support and reconnaissance capabilities.

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