Combined Resolved X: Rear area raid (VIDEO)

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The Ukrainian joint unit was holding an important ground near Revensdorf (Germany) for two days within the framework of the exercise.

BLUEFOR forces were inactive, thus the Ukrainian soldiers took decision to execute the rear area raid to seize a key intersection and hold it as long as possible.

On the way, the two hour fighting engaged between two Ukrainian BTR-80, two tanks T-84, and HMMV and eight enemy’s Abrams, four Bradley, and infantry, as well as artillery support. Meanwhile, the enemy’s (BLUEFOR) losses and casualties are four Abrams, 2 Bradley and up to 20 infantrymen.

“Our resistance was unexpected for them. It was even a surprise for exercise leaders”, LTC Maksym Myrhorodskyi, Deputy Commander of the 79th Separate Air Assault Brigade.

Ukrainian Military Pages

3 BTR, 3 HMMV and 1 tank of the Ukrainian unit attacked the main logistics centre of the enemy. They destroyed about a half of its infrastructure.

Ukrainian Military Pages

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